Bibi Branchflower just has to have two of everything - two houses, two cars, even two silly dogs yapping at the ends of two silver leashes. She's so busy buying things that she has no time for friends. But when she brings home a wonderful jewel box with twin ballerinas inside, her life begins to change. Why, Bibi wonders, must the ballerinas look so sad? Her quest to make them happy again takes her to the far corners of the globe, leading her, at last, to an unexpected destination.

Written by Monique de Varennes

Illustrated by Ana Juan

Ages 4 - 8 * $16.99

Schwartz & Wade Books
An imprint of Random House Children's Books
A division of Random House, Inc.
ISBN 978-0-375-83605-3

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An ABC (Association of Booksellers for Children) Best Book
A Bank Street College Best Book of 2008
Special Recognition, 2008 Paterson Prize for Books for Young People
Finalist, ReadBoston 2007 Best Read Aloud Book
A 2007 NAPPA Honors Book

"A true celebration of the value of friendship over material goods." - Shawn Brommer, School Library Journal

"Juan's acrylic-and-crayon artwork is glorious. From the haughty demeanor of the very rich to the exquisite details of the miniature dancers, ... Juan takes readers on a color-filled journey filled with humorous details. A lovely story to share in which greed is mightily vanquished by joie de vivre." - Kirkus Reviews

"The richly colored, jewel-toned art suits the surreal tale ... This story of transformation is made twice as nice by the pairing of equally witty text and illustrations." - Jennifer M. Brabander, The Horn Book Magazine

“A charming storybook that will likely become a favorite among young girls.” – Dance Teacher Magazine

About this story

Magical - that's what bedtime stories are. When my kids, Kate
and Chris, were little, we all looked forward to the time each
evening when the routines of the day faded, our favorite books
came out, and strange, quirky characters ruled our imaginations.
Not long after this picture was taken, Kate became enchanted
with ballet. I made up a story for her about twin twirling dancers
who lived in a jewel box, and over the years, that story slowly grew
The Jewel Box Ballerinas.

Kate and Chris: photo by John Gibson

Copyright 2007 by Ana Juan (detail)